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Actionable analysis to trade alongside smart money into the hottest option trades on Wall Street — real-time insight into the Smart Market ™

For the first time ever, get access to the entire Smart Market with analysis to intelligently identify the highest conviction smart money options trades with unusual options activity on Wall Street.

See the Smart Market big picture as well as the individual smart money trades.
Even the odds by trading alongside the market-moving transactions that Wall Street doesn’t want you to see:
  • Millions of options contracts monitored each day
  • Order flow intelligently analyzed to identify highest potential smart money trades
Receive real-time actionable insight to trade along Wall Street and profit like a Wall Street Insider.

What We Track


Cut through the noise to see where smart money is placing the biggest bets on trades with short expirations


Uncover trades with unusual volume or size, occurring with extreme urgency ahead of extraordinary movement

Smart Market

Never trade blindly with smart money market sentiment for stocks and indexes

How It Works


Live order flow and real-time data analysis keep you ahead of the action


Proprietary algorithm and ranking system remove bias and emotion


Intelligent analysis combined with detailed trades provide options trading blueprint

All the tools needed to trade alongside Wall Street insiders
Profit like an insider

Recent Top Alerts

Updated: September 9, 2020

StockProfitDateHold TimeChart
DKNG369%9/9/20203 View
AAPL627%9/2/20204 View
WDAY319%9/2/20204 View
WORK256%9/2/20205 View
TSLA433%8/31/20203 View
PTON271%8/28/20203 View
CHWY403%8/26/20205 View
TSLA1654%8/12/20202 View
ZM377%8/12/20206 View
AMZN246%8/11/20205 View
Alert for 1654% profit with TSLA on 8/12/2020

Institutional investors (smart money) only trade options when they have an unfair advantage. We analyze millions of contracts traded each day to alert you on 1-3 options per day that have the highest potential of being market moving.

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Smart Money uses their access to insider information and sophisticated technology to move markets. Our proprietary algorithm brings institutional-grade Smart Market analysis to retail investors to profit alongside Wall Street insiders.

Smart money accounts for 70% of trade volume in the market, and understanding smart money order flow is a leading indicator of stock price momentum. However, these hedge funds and investment banks intentionally disguise their trades so only Wall Street insiders can recognize them. Simply put, the deck has been stacked against you - until now.
Our technology provides the institutional data you’ve always dreamed of accessing, analyzed by our tools in real time and delivered to you in actionable format so you can put your money alongside the Smart Market

How InsiderFinance Tracks the Smart Market

Intermarket Sweeps

“Stealthy”, urgent orders the Smart Market tries to hide by “sweeping” across multiple exchanges to fill quickly

Private Blocks

Substantially large, privately negotiated orders that are too big to be executed through public markets

Unusual Activity

“Out of the ordinary” options trades bought with unusual volume and/or trade size, filled with extreme urgency ahead of extraordinary movements

Smart Market Sentiment

The entire Smart Market analyzed and aggregated for market sentiment and trends

How to Use InsiderFinance

Trade 100%+ winners each day with three easy steps

Receive three Smart Market Intelligence emails each day at the most critical times:
  • Pre-market Summary
  • Morning Momentum
  • Mid-day Movers
See Wall Street’s highest conviction unusual options trades and the Smart Market Sentiment to inform trade decisions
Log into your broker to execute one or many of the trade recommendations and profit like a Wall Street Insider

Each Email Contains the Same Intelligence

Hottest Ticker
Smart Market Unusual Options Activity
Smart Market Momentum
Smart Market Stock Sentiment
Smart Market ETF Sentiment

You don’t have to work at a hedge fund to make money like one. We provide the exact option contracts Wall Street is trading so you can trade at the same time using any broker or trading app.

All you need is an email address and options trading account to start profiting like a Wall Street Insider tomorrow

Intelligently built from the ground up to uncover the most valuable information on Wall Street

Cutting edge machine learning algorithms find the most unusual Smart Market trades which are further analyzed and aggregated for actionable insights. A proprietary ranking system leverages real-time and historical data to deliver unbiased, algorithmically curated Smart Market intelligence.