Our proprietary technical analysis system built on TradingView takes the guesswork out of reading charts and automates complex analysis so you can trade confidently.

Access is included with every subscription to InsiderFinance. Read the step-by-step instructions below to get started:

1. Subscribe to InsiderFinance (if you haven’t already)

Use this link to choose a plan and get started

2. Sign up for a TradingView account (if you haven’t already)

Use this link to receive a 30-day free trial and up to $30 off

The link above will give you a discount if you’re interested in taking advantage of TradingView’s premium features, but you can access our scripts with a free account. We also provide a technical analysis system embedded in our platform using publicly available indicators that does not require a TradingView account to access.

Whether you want to use our embedded technical analysis system or our technical analysis system in TradingView is completely up to you. Our premium system in TradingView is free to access as a bonus to our subscribers for more feature-rich and accurate technical analysis.

3. Enter your TradingView username on the settings page or through the dashboard.

Use this link to navigate to your settings page or look for the below button on the dashboard. 

Once you see the below prompt, enter your TradingView username. If you don’t know your username, use this link to navigate to your TradingView profile. Your username can be found below:

Below is where to enter your TradingView username. Once entered, click Submit.

4. Receive a confirmation email within 24-72 hours with instructions on how to find our scripts in TradingView.

Once you receive the email, the InsiderFinance scripts become visible in the TradingView search. You can find all our scripts in the Invite-Only section under Indicators.

5. Click on each script to add it to your chart, configure the settings, and start trading!

The INSIDERFINANCE ALGO, INSIDERFINANCE MOMENTUM, AND INSIDERFINANCE SQUEEZE scripts all have a variety of features you can turn on/off. They also have sensitivity settings for how many buy/sell signals you want to see.

Hover the chart with your mouse to get the controls to appear and click the gear icon next to the script name to see the settings.

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