We wanted to share why we created InsiderFinance in case you're having the same problems we did. Before InsiderFinance, we used a different options order flow platform that provided a raw list of trades without any context as to which were meaningful or market moving.

When you look at a raw list of trades, how do you know which contracts matter? We used to spend hours sorting through data to find a high-potential trade, and sometimes that process took so long that we already missed the boat!

That's exactly the problem we set out to solve when we created InsiderFinance.

Our platform provides a curated list of tradeable information plus multiple data points and visuals so you can make better trade decisions faster and dramatically increase your chance of success in every trade using a data-driven approach. 

Further, you can filter the dashboard to fit your trade style, which means you only see the results that matter, not an overwhelming list of useless trades or raw data.

The results speak for themselves. Our traders have found that our curated approach focused on actionable information saves hours of research a day and increases their success rate significantly.

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